Hi, I'm Adelemphii!
I'm an animator/digital artist with certifications in Animate, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro. Primarily I work with Programming, being fluent in the usage of Java & Minecraft Server Development.

What i do

Minecraft Development

7 years of Server & Config setup
1 year of SpigotMC experience
1 year of PaperMC experience
4 months of SQLite experience
3 months of Fabric experience

Java Development

1.5 years of Java experience
1 year of CLI experience
2 months of JavaFX experience
2 months of Swing experience

Graphic Design

4 years of Adobe Photoshop experience
3 years of Adobe Illustrator experience
1 year of Adobe Animator experience
8 months of Adobe Premiere Pro experience
3 years of Blender (Minecraft) Animation experience
3 months of Minecraft Blockbench experience